The Itinerary of the wandering soul


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The Itinerary of the wandering soul - n.3 works 50x50 cm (titanium powder on mirror – posts on panel -ink on paper)

The theme of the labyrinth is often associated with the myth of the journey of the dead, or the itinerary "of the wandering soul". In the O'odham Indians tradition, the labyrinth was a symbol of birth and death. As always in the ancient times, the O'odham labyrinth was unicursal, round shaped and made of 7 concentric circuits, with only one entrance and one dead end, the only possible chances therefore being reaching the final point or returning to start. The O'odham labyrinth features at its mouth a sketch of the human body - "The Man in the Maze", a symbol that carries more than one meaning. The Tohono O'odhams identify "The Man in the Maze" with L'Itoi, and the wandering in the labyrinth with the myth of creation, the symbolic journey of Humanity towards the black central point of the labyrinth - death, or the final reunion with L'Itoi, the god living in an underground labyrinth situated under the Baboquivari mountain.

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30 aprile 2015
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