Journey into Fragility at Certosa Island


About Project:

Journey into Fragility ( is a two-year project on art and the environment,  promoted by the ADAC (Contemporary Art Archive of Genoa University) and supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation and Italian Branch of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation,which was inspired by the Manifesto for the Earth and Man by the poet and essayist Massimo Morasso. Signed by some of the most famous poets in the world, including 5 Nobel prize and 6 Pulitzer prize winners. The Manifesto for the Earth and for Man is made up of twelve theses that offer a constructive rewriting of the theme of the environmental crisis; the project Journey into Fragility drew inspiration from these, developing twelve different projects in twelve different places in the world, with the aim of developing a constructive dialogue on the environment and the value of life on Earth.

After having spent two years’ travelling across the four continents, the project’s spirit and philosophical and environmental contents have been transformed into a permanent art work on Isola della Certosa. The installation is articulated into three parts: the landing stage leading to the island will house an art work that pays homage to the Manifesto for the Earth and Man, with the names of the Manifesto signees on steel plates along the way; the garden will host a work paying homage to the project Journey into Fragility that consists of 12 steel domes, each bearing an inscription of the site of each of the twelve stages of the project, and their distance in Km from the island; the third piece will pay homage to travels, both physical and interior, going beyond unknown horizons, one’s own limits and one's own knowledge: an audio track with extracts from descriptions of the artist’s travels during the two-year project, poetry readings and the theses of the Manifesto for the Earth and for Man.


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30 aprile 2015
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