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Meta – Architetture, Galleria Spazio Testoni (Bologna)


Mostra Personale Meta-Architetture, curata da Paola Valenti

Opening Party

Sabato 20 Ottobre 2012

18,30 – 21,30

Bioparty sponsored by PuraVida Bio e Alce Nero


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17eme Journee Europeenne du Patrimoine Monaco

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In occasione della XVII Giornata Europea del Patrimonio, il 14 Ottobre 2012, il Comité Aiap Unesco di Montecarlo presenta l’esposizione: “De si beaux phénomènes” (Installazione di Maria Rebecca Ballestra, foto di Rita Saïtta et pittura di Paolo Parenti e Toby Wright)

Comité national monégasque de l’Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques auprès de l’UNESCO 
10, quai Antoine 1er
98000 Monaco
Entrata libera

Orari: 10h — 18h30


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Nuit Blache Oran (Algerie)

Metropolart sur invitation de l’Institut français à Oran (Algerie) présente :

« Songe d’une nuit blanche »

Le 6 octobre 2012, Metropolart et les artistes du  collectif Video’Appart vous proposent une 4ème édition de la nuit blanche sous le signe du rêve et de l’imaginaire en collaboration avec l’Institut français à Oran en Algérie.

Une nuit du songe par allusion à « songe d’un nuit d’été » de Shakespeare,  nous fêterons l’automne de la rêverie avec des images mobiles, animées où faune et

Segnali di Muro

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Fifth Step of the Project JOURNEY INTO FRAGILITY


Fifth Stage of the project in Sunhoo Industrial Design Innovation Park (China)

ALQASBA 2012 06 16

Lecture at Maraya Art Center – Sharjah

Maraya Art Center in collaboration with ADAC (Archive of Contemporary Art of the Unversity of Genoa) is hosting a lecture of the Italian artist Maria Rebecca Ballestra

The artist will present the intinerary project Journey into Fragility,  inspired by the The Arenzano Manifesto for Earth and the Human Beings, conceived and created by the Italian poet Massimo Morasso in 2001.

With Journey into Fragility Maria Rebecca Ballestra are developping  twelve subprojects in twelve different places around the world, creating an open and constructive dialogue on the

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Fourth Step of the project JOURNEY INTO FRAGILITY


The project’s fourth stage – after Ghana, Switzerland and Madagascar – will take place in Dubai from 10th to 17th June, and will be curated by Mamia Bretsche. For this event Rebecca will create a photographic work on the modern Arab city of Masdar City: one of the most sustainable cities in the world, planned so as to offer a high quality of life and working conditions, with the lowest possible ecological footprint. 



Что "История. Россия в ХVII – XVIII веках. Новый экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ" касается природы этого, у Джека не было на этот счет

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Lost – Memory


The two writing LOST and MEMORY have been realized during the first step of the project JOURNEY INTO FRAGILITY in the rural village of Abetenim (Ghana), using two traditional  Ashanti symbols. The writing LOST is composed by DWENNIMMEN, symbol of strength and humility. The symbol emphasize the importance of humility in every aspect of the life in order to learn and acquire knowledge. The symbol discourages the arrogance to achieve its purpose. The writing MEMORY is composed by NKONSONKONSON, symbol of relationship that encourages the veneration


Third Step of the Project JOURNEY INTO FRAGILITY


The third stage of the journey will take place in Madagascar from 20th to 30th April 2012. There, Rebecca will reflect on the  Manifesto’s sixth thesis –  that the interruption of natural equilibrium is a problem which doesn’t only concern nature, but also involves mankind – and will create a photographic work to document one of our planet’s richest and most threatened ecosystems.


Second Step of the Project JOURNEY INTO FRAGILITY



The second stage of the journey will take place in Switzerland from 18th to 27th March 2012. Here, reflecting on the Manifesto’s first thesis “a relationship with the earth also includes responsibilities and duties”,   Rebecca will meditate on the role of politics as representative of the interests of a single country in the interconnected world of