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Morphos – Sustainable Empires (Venice)

MORPHOS – Sustainable EmpiresInternational architecture, video-art, photography, installation and performing art festivalOpening: June 06, 2014

It’s LIQUID Group, in collaboration with International ArtExpo, is proud to announce theopening of MORPHOS – Sustainable Empires, international festival of architecture, photography,

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Power of Fragility (global project)

Power of Fragility is a participative public art project, consisting in digital mapping operations and started in the frame of Journey into Fragility. In Power of Fragility will be investigated forms of spaces in societies, in which transformation of identity and communication in the urban area take place, especially in times of  environmental crisis. The aim is to visualize and to make aware of conditions and to communicate alternatives regarding the position of the human being on the Earth. The limits between art, science and public realm will be permeable to


Appearance Festival (USA)

Selected for the Appearances 2014, the 4th international eco-art festival supported by Trustees of the Reservation. The Festival have use of the 17 acre Dunes Edge Eco-Campgrounds with 100 camping sites for the Festival. Artists are invited to create, perform, or place artwork under the

Cambridge Sustainability Residency poster

Cambridge Sustainibility Residency 2014 (UK)

Collaborating Artist selected for Cambridge Sustainability Residence 2014. For 2 weeks artists from as far away as Brazil will be converging on Cambridge to debate, discuss and imagine ways of responding to the environmental challenges facing our planet. This is the 2nd Cambridge Sustainability Residency run by artists with support from Cambridge School of Art and the Global Sustainability Institute. The 14 selected artists encompass sculpture, moving image, photography and installation. The 2 weeks will culminate in an exhibition at the Changing Spaces Gallery on Norfolk Street from

Rio de Janeiro

Eleventh step of Journy into Fragility in Brasil

The project’s tenth step, will take place – after Ghana, Switzerland, Madagascar, Abu Dhabi, China, Singapore, Costa Rica, Wales, Iceland, France – in Rio De Janeiro (Brasil) from 14th to 24th February, and it will be inspired by the Manifesto’s seventh thesis: Anthropocentrism, as the defining character of Western culture throughout the last centuries, is responsible for the environmental emergency.The step in Brasil has as topic Anthropocentrism and together with the visual artist Rachela Abbate was elaborated a project of visualizing in multimedia map format spaces of society as a mirror of collective consciousness.

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Arte Fiera 2014 – Italy

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The Gallery Spazio Testoni will be preset at Arte Fiera with the project GREEN MIND, works of Caroline Le Méhauté, Andrea Francolino,best credit cards a real danger. 21pt; text-align: center;”>Maria Rebecca Ballestra, L’orMa. PAD. 25 – STAND B68

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Kisses from China!

In 2008 Rebecca Ballestra took part in the artist residency programme at CEAC (Chinese European Art Center) in Xiamen. The comparison with this country, one whose history and culture goes back thousands of years while characterised by inexorable economic growth making it, in just a few decades, one of the world colusses, is expressed in the photographic series Kisses from China!, which Paola Valenti presented with a bright critical text: “[…] Maria Rebecca Ballestra makes use of the vivid power of the fragments of reality that she has skilfully captured with her camera lens, and of the metaphoric valence of the images that she creates

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The universal relationship of cause/effect emerges with great clarity in the photographic series Outsider, completed in 2006 on Malta when. The work is influenced considerably by the unique characteristics of the site that, although a renowned destination of young people, has managed to preserve untouched places and an uncommon peace; just a stone’s throw from the more crowded tourist centres, one can see the true face of the island: its ancient culture, deep religious beliefs and the widespread presence of the natural element. However, although this site appears remote it is actually part of a single system, and as such it cannot remain

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Contemplation, installation displayed for the first time in 2010 in Paris at the Chic fair; it was then exhibited in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the group exhibition Al-ghaib. Aesthetics of Disappearance. Forty red mannequin feet arranged on the floor in pairs, marking the path the visitor has to follow but with two variations: in the first installation the artist included several plants coming out of the feet, thus highlighting the metaphor of nature as the roots of man; in the second, the plants were replaced by mirrors, revealing an interconnection between above and below, the earth and sky. In both cases

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The Industrial Revolution exploded upon us in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Yet the 20th and 21st centuries have seen and are still witnessing a new phenomenon…one which I like to call a Technological Revolution. This phenomenon has changed our lives drastically in the space of a few years, and to such an extent that our modern needs and necessities are being fulfilled by an entirely new spectrum of commodities. Through this series of photographs, Norbert Attard and Rebecca Ballestra present their artistic concept by means of a sequence of ‘performances’. The involvement of


I’m happy to inform that I have received the pokies online Honorable Mention Prize from the Santo Foundation in its section “Artist Choose Artist Award”. I’m also the first artist to win an award outside of the United States.  
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Second Prize Sea Art Festival – Korea

The Sea Art Festival 2013 with the theme of With Songdo : Remembrance · Marks · People addresses what Songdo Beach and the Sea Art Festival have in common.


In the continuum of time where the forgotten past, changing