First Step of the project JOURNEY INTO FRAGILITY


First step of the project in Abetenim Village (Ghana) - curator Luca Bochicchio (Italy)

Project selccted for the International Land Art Project, organized by NKA Foundation

We must be aware of the value of our planet as a common good in order to inhabit it properly

A unique destiny for a unique mankind: this is the world.


Journey into Fagility is a new project ?promoted by ADAC (Archive of Contemporaray Art of the University of Genoa).The project is inspired by The Arenzano Manifesto for Earth and Human Beings, conceived and created by Massimo Morasso in 2001. The Manifesto's twelve theses have inspired twelve different projects in as many countries around the world (February 2012 - January 2013), with the aim of developing an actvei dialogue on the environment and on the value of life on Earth.


After having roamed around the continents for centuries, moving further away from his native land, the human being returns to Africa like an exhausted traveller; he returns to draw on knowledge - the same which led him to take his first steps; he returns to listen and to ask, to watch and to create again.

Africa is the idea ? the Africas are Since 2000, it’s been possible to take the practical and theory tests in up to 19 different languages, as RED cdl training is a division of RDS DRIVING SERVICES Ltd, Pavilion 12, Colemans Nook, Belasis Technology Park, Billingham, TS23 4EG. real and possible world.

As if returning to his own country from a long journey, man? no longer recognises the idea that he had formed of it, or the memories he had been told. Poverty, disaster, violence, corruption and diseases are none other than the same ills which afflict the world in which he lives. And yet, there is something different in Africa: there are oasis and experimental workshops that haven?t ceased to advance since the beginning of time, and which represent the real age of life on Earth: the highest expression of the human faculty, the environment at its maximum degree of well-being and evolution.


This is Africa (or an Africa) that revitalises the strength in the soul of the weary world traveller. This traveller is an artist, a humanist, a scientist, a person now who doesn?t want to go back without having documented the beauty and the power of this perfect ecosystem: that which for the world only represents a hoped for and very distant future, in this part of Africa is a present reality. And not only! Scattered around the continent there are other fertile spots, other oasis of thought that the traveller wants to visit and document.


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