Residency program Signal Fire – Arizona

14 - 20 March 2015 - Verde River Packaging Expedition (Phoenix - Arizona)

Arizona is a land of harnessed waters, with every drop diverted to serve a human impulse, whether it be golf courses or cotton farms. The Verde River, though, flows 125 unimpeded miles before reaching its first dam near Phoenix. It’s a wild vein through the center of the state, from Mogollon Rim country to join the Salt, the Gila, and finally the once-mighty Colorado.

The trip accesses a remote stretch of the Verde where existing wilderness abuts unprotected roadless areas threatened by welfare ranching, mining, and development. In the home of the Yavapai-Apache, the artists have learned about the people who have tended this land for generations, and see evidence of how European settlement has resculpted the natural systems.