The Truth of the Labyrinth

Maria Rebecca Ballestra's 9-step artistic project The Truth of the Labyrinth takes its inspiration from the work of the same name by the Belgian artist Julien Friedler. A selection of 9 out of the 44 texts will be the starting point to a number of reflections on the symbolism of the labyrinth - a full, deep investigation conducted from different perspectives and points of view. In each step Ballestra investigates some primary topics of human self-consciousness such as memory, death, body, the immaterial, the play, dream, mystery, pilgrimage, sacrifice. The exhibit (that will be held at SPAZIO TESTONI Art Gallery, 50 Via D'Azeglio, Bologna - opening: September 5, 2015, Saturday, 6:30-8:30 PM) will introduce the first 4 steps of this project with a double-feature exhibition - Maria Rebecca Ballestra and Julian Friedler. The exhibit will close on October 31, 2015, Saturday.