Fotofever Art Fair



14 - 16 nov 2014: welcome to carrousel du louvre for the 3rd edition of fotofever paris!

Courtesy Galerie Mamia Bretesche (Paris)

Stand W18

Artists: Hitat Sofia (Algeria), Maria Rebecca Ballestra (Italy), Aoun Blanco (Fance), Aiyoung Yun (Korea) Kuamr Sureka (India) )

hunting new talents, catching the diversity in contemporary photography, overcoming the barriers to purchase, instill the calling to art collecting: this is the mission of fotofever, an annual photography fair, taking place in Paris, the worldwide capital of photography, and in brussels. A sharp selection, teaching, daring, passion and sharing are the pillars of this fair, created in november 2011 by Cécile Schall, director of fotofever, grandaughter of the famous french photoreporter Roger Schall.