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The Truth of the Labyrinth

Maria Rebecca Ballestra’s 9-step artistic project The Truth of the Labyrinth takes its inspiration from the work of the same name by the Belgian artist Julien Friedler. A selection of 9 out of the 44 texts will be the starting point to a number of reflections on the symbolism of the labyrinth – a full, deep investigation conducted from different perspectives and points of view. In each step Ballestra investigates some primary topics of human self-consciousness such as memory, death, body, the immaterial, the play, dream, mystery, pilgrimage, sacrifice. The exhibit (that

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Biennale Italia – Cina

Elisir di lunga vita – Torino, Vercelli, Serralunga d’Alba

27 Giugno– 4 Ottobre, 2015

La Biennale Italia – Cina è la più grande mostra d’arte contemporanea mai realizzata fra i due paesi fino ad oggi e contemporaneamente un faro per far risplendere, anche ad altissimo livello ed in modo permanente, i rapporti bilaterali fra l’Italia e la Cina; un’idea che trova nell’ambasciata italiana a Pechino la principale alleata istituzionale.  La Biennale Italia Cina è costituita da un sistema di biennali gemelle che si svolgono ogni due anni in Italia e ogni due




Network Ecologies Symposium

June 4-6th 2015

The inaugural international Network Ecologies symposium of 2015 will bring together a host of diverse and inspirational speakers from across the world in an attempt to address the role that artistic producers can play in raising awareness of environmental problems within contemporary culture. This interdisciplinary symposium is therefore interested in breaking down the categorical distinctions existent between art, science and politics, in an attempt to identify novel approaches and methodologies, which have the potential to transform how environmental discourse is represented in the social imagination. Key themes of




Permanent Installation | Isola della Certosa | Venice

JOURNEY INTO FAGILITY by Maria Rebecca Ballestra

Permanent Installation – Isola della Certosa – Venice
Opening 9th  MAY 2015, 6 pm

Journey into Fragility ( is a two-year project on art and the environment by the artist Maria Rebecca Ballestra, curated by Paola Valenti, promoted by the ADAC (Contemporary Art Archive of Genoa University) and supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation andItalian Branch of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which was inspired by the Manifesto for the Earth and Man by the poet and essayistMassimo Morasso. Signed by some of the most




Residency program Signal Fire – Arizona

14 – 20 March 2015 – Verde River Packaging Expedition (Phoenix – Arizona)

Arizona is a land of harnessed waters, with every drop diverted to serve a human impulse, whether it be golf courses or cotton farms. The Verde River, though, flows 125 unimpeded miles before reaching its first dam near Phoenix. It’s a wild vein through the center of the state, from Mogollon Rim country to join the Salt, the Gila, and finally the once-mighty Colorado.

The trip accesses a remote stretch of the Verde where existing wilderness abuts unprotected




Residence program at WAAW – Senegal

1-7 March 2015 Residency at Waaw centre in Saint-Louis, Senegal. Maria Rebecca has been selected out of a total of 15 applicants, representing a great variety of countries (The Netherlands, US, Spain, India, Australia …). The residency served as an introduction to the city of Saint-Louis and its surroundings to learn about Senegalese traditional culture and contemporary cultural expressions, the French heritage, the fishing industry and the remarkable fishermen’s community, the world-class Djoudj bird reserve, the current challenges in the environmental field – Saint-Louis being the city on the African continent most threatened by climate change –

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