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Prisoner is a site-specific installation that was created on the occasion of the 11th edition of Agorà – Grandi Formati. Arte in Piazza, a contemporary art exhibition promoted by the town of Bordighera. A large canvas of perforated PVC that lets the light and atmospheric agents filter through, 8 metres above the ground thanks to an impressive steel structure that completely covers a small square in the town’s historic city centre. When raising one’s eyes to the sky visitors see a filter separating them from it, thus experiencing the sensation of disorientation and claustrophobia: the







Rebecca Ballestra talks about neo-cannibalism in her installation Cannibalism, which she designed for the 10th edition of Arte da mangiare- mangiare Arte11: in the garden of Castello Sforzesco in Milan, the artist installed 10 boxes – like the plastic blocks little children play with – on which the images of children from different countries were printed on the upper sides while on the sides were  sentences related to illegal organ trade and the relative prices found on the internet. This is where the pervasiveness and the rapidity of network distribution reveals its dark side: starting in








Rebecca Ballestra submitted her body to a series of purifying ablutions as a sort of physical and spiritual preparation. The set of the performance consisted in 9 red bowlsthe colour red is recurrent throughout her production as the symbol of blood, the heart and life – full of fresh water on which the artist traces handwritten phrases from the poetic text she wrote while staying at Europos Parkas. First of all, along a lake shore and dressed in a long black dress, she carried out a sequence of ablutions on the face, hands, feet before completing the rite by immerging herself in

serie atalantisrid



Atlantis – Babylon



The title of the series Atlantis is derived from the legend of Atlantis, described for the first time by Plato in Timaeus, in which he describes its ascent, and in Critias, in which hedescribes its fall. The true or presumed existence of the island aside, the tale focuses on a civilisation in which pride and arrogance have driven the men to nourish excessive expansionistic aims, so that the gods decide they need to be punished: “But afterwards
there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune[…] the island of Atlantis in








Seven images show the same number of insects and animals of unlikely dimensions in prestigious palazzi and churches in the city of Genoa. Removed from their natural context, these huge creatures seem to have taken over the buildings built by man to be used over the centuries as the seats of political power, sites of prayer and the homes of nobility. Adorned with frescoes and valuable decorations, these majestic buildings are testimony to what was once ‘the golden age’; an agethat has now been replaced by online casino a present that is full of uncertainty; an age in




From West to East



From West to East is a photograph of New York digitally elaborated so it became the background for the shadows of five bats; this image is shown on a LCD screen, creating an unusual and refined hyper-technological light-box. Bearing in mind that in Chinese the word ‘bat’ is a homophone for the word ‘fortune’ and that in Chinese culture upside symbols mean an event has taken place, the work’s message is clear: the West has now been overtaken by the economic growth of the East and New York, the city that was the prime example in the last century of the apparent




Orto d’artista



Orto d’artista was a project carried out together with the Spanish artist Veronica Cantero Yanez to draw the public’s attention to the complex relations between science, technology and ethics, once again starting with the complex issue of genetically modifie food. Indeed, Orto d’artista presents itself as a real vegetable garden with herbs planted in four wheelbarrows, with the corresponding number of information sheets upon which one can read “public vegetable garden”, “work of art for the general public”, “bio-logical work of art”, “bio-artistic vegetable garden”. Behind them is a huge green sign saying: “Public biological garden. The citizens are kindly requested to take an active role






The Filters performance is inspired by the theme of travel, of movement and of migration from one place to another, and by the subsequent increase in the filters used for checking people and containing the spread of diseases, with special regard to the problem of pandemics. Which is the new border of the future? There won’t be more geographical, political or religious borders, the future border will be the same individual, everybody will be the border of themselves. The danger of pandemics projects each of us into total isolation where






The photograph of two fighting cocks facing each other is placed on a transparent Plexiglas box full of coloured feathers. Immobile, they are lying on the bottom of the container, as if a cease-fire between the two adversaries has been declared, although the outcome is unknown. The agitation of the fight makes the two animals’ bodies almost blend together so it is impossible to distinguish one from the other; for the artist this image is a metaphor of a future fight betweenhuman beings to hoard resources; to make the message even more explicit, she decided to set the fight against an arid,




Suspended Time



Suspended Time is a five-photograph series taken during a trip to Costa Rica in 2007.The sensation that time has stopped in the face of an expanded natural area that expands and grows bigger and bigger, making man small and insignificant, is at the heart of this work; it was created with the digital addition of human elements in the natural context.

Supended Time è una serie di cinque fotografie realizzata durante un viaggio in Costarica nel 2007. La sensazione che il tempo si sia fermato di fronte ad uno spazio naturale esteso che si dilata e giganteggia rendendo l’essere umano piccolo e insignificante,