Time to leave


About Project:

Time to leave is the final work of the ninth step of the project Journey into Fragility in Iceland. Artic is an area of future opportunity and challenge regarding environmental protection and sustainable development of local population, but also the exploitation of enormous fishing and mining resources (it is estimated that the Artic could contain 25% of unexplored hydrocarbon reserves), new navigation routes, scientific research, security and governance. Even if scientists have not yet reached a consensus on the irreversibility of the process of Artic glacial reduction, the countries in the area and the international community show a growing interest in a region whose climatic changes could have repercussions for the whole planet. In 2012 researchers at the Nation Snow and Ice Data Centre, the American organization that is involved with monitoring the state of the glaciers and polar areas, announced that the rate at with the Artic marine glaciers were melting was higher than ever before. The work Time to leave is composed by an empty box, with a plate with the name of an extinct bird, Pinguinis Impennis, the last one was killed at the beginning of XX century to be sold during an Art Auction in London to an Natural History Museum.



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23 agosto 2013


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