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Global Plots


The work consisted in three embroideries that transform the Americas, Asia and Europe into a colourful interweaving of threads, almost as if the grandeur of the large continents had been reduced to simple doilies. As stated in the title, Global Plots, the work is a reflection on how distances have been shortened and speed increased in the globalised society, which means that the risk of viruses and pandemics spreading is also greater, as was the case with the swine flu that started in Mexico, the ‘chicken flu’ (Sars), which spread in Asia, and the so-called ‘mad-cow’ disease that developed in Europe.




Born 1974 in Italy, Maria Rebecca studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Her works are shown all over the world in personal and group exhibitions, galleries and art fairs, public and private collections. She was awarded with several international prizes in the United States, Korea, France and Italy and held lectures and participated at symposiums in several European countries, just to named few Boston University (USA), Hull University (UK), Maraya Art Center (UAE), Progr Zentrum (Switzerland), Genoa University (Italy), etc.

The Italian

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Memory of Rain


 Memory of Rain is a site specific project realized during the workshop “Sowing Seeds” in Sar Village (Rajasthan- India). The project wants to investigate the problem of desertification and its consequences in the rural area, as Sar Village. Dry lands occupy nearly half of Earth’s land area. Across the world, desertification affects the livelihoods of millions of people whorely on the benefits that dry land ecosystems can provide. Therefore, desertification is one of the greatest environmental challenges today and amajor barrier to meeting basic human needs in dry



1974 Born in Ventimiglia (Italy)

1998 Graduation in Fine Arts, Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence (Italy)

Lives and works in Italy and in Paris



2013 Solo Show at Goat Art Project curated by Sara Rees (Cardiff – Wales), Double solo Show Ballestra Maria Rebecca/Andrea Francolino curated by Paola Valenti/ Alberto Mattia Martini, Galleria Spazio Testoni (Bologna-Italy) 2012 Itinerary project Journey into Fragility, promoted by ADAC (Archive of Contemporary Art of the University of Genoa), Kalart (Switzerland), Galerie Alberta Pane (France), Maqroll (Italy) and Ramdom (Italy) 2011 Changing Perspective, series of own


War Games




The work War Game is inspired by the same named virtual programme implemented by the Pentagon in 2009, the year in which the problem regarding resources emerged with greater clarity. It is a set of simulations carried out by the American army to prepare themselves for intervention in possible new scenarios, such as those resulting from climatic upheaval. In fact, the programme considers “the climate as one of the threats to American national security. […] Cyclones and drought can cause pandemics and famine that result in mass migration, millions of people in flight, fighting for elementary resources such as food and water, which suddenly become