Lecture at Maraya Art Center – Sharjah

ALQASBA 2012 06 16

Maraya Art Center in collaboration with ADAC (Archive of Contemporary Art of the Unversity of Genoa) is hosting a lecture of the Italian artist Maria Rebecca Ballestra

The artist will present the intinerary project Journey into Fragility,  inspired by the The Arenzano Manifesto for Earth and the Human Beings, conceived and created by the Italian poet Massimo Morasso in 2001.

With Journey into Fragility Maria Rebecca Ballestra are developping  twelve subprojects in twelve different places around the world, creating an open and constructive dialogue on the environment and the value of living on Earth. Three stages was already completed in Ghana, Switzerland and Madagascar, and the fourth one will take place in UAE.

The audience are encouraged to have a discussion on the topic of the project: art, environment and value of living on Earth.