curated by Maria Eugenia Cordero
6th April - 3 June 2018 
MNBA (Museo National de Bellas Artes) - Neuquem Argentina 

The Artist Residence Program Barda del Desierto is a project that aims to resignify the space / concept of  "desert" with its geographical, cultural, natural, social and historical features, opening the possibility of multiple processes of reflections. The works presented in this exhibition, although they belong to a non-linear cut of the artists' production, resonates in the common experiences. LANDSCAPE / DESERT / PHYSICAL / AFFECTIVE / TEMPORARY -IDENTITY MAPS / COLLECTIVE MEMORIES / TERRITORIAL POLICIES / COLONIALISM -FICTIONS / SYMBOLOGIES / MYTHOLOGIES, are three axes that frame the content of this experience, reflecting from different proposals, techniques and poetics the cultural geography of that territory from the perspective of artists from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, USA, Spain , Italy, Austria and Croatia. The diversity of perspectives and approaches is one of the purposes of this exhibition.

Aixa Sacco (Arg), Andressa Crossetti (Br), Julio Tejeda (Arg), Silvina Gardonio (Arg), Rafael Machado & Tulio Rosas (Br), Ana Cano (Esp) , Arturo Torres Cabrera (Pr), Fábio Tremonte (Br), Laura Silvia Mozzi (Arg), Marina Mayumi (Br), Thiago Guedes (Br), Laura Helena Garduño (Mx),  Marcel Diogo Martins (Br), DanielleSpadotto (Br), Gonzalo Cueto (Chl), Fede Gloriani (Arg), Mauro Rosas & Fabián Urban (Arg), Nina Bacun (Cro), Maria Rebecca Ballestra (It), Rodrigo Alcon Quintanilha (Arg), Lino Divas (Arg), Julia Rossetti (Arg), Gustavo Torrezan (Br), Catalina Jaramillo Quijano (Col).
Curator: María Eugenia Cordero
Art-education: Maria Eugenia Cordero/ Andrea Beltramos
Production: Nicolas R Rey
Design: Aixa Sacco
Opening: 6 de Abril 2018 - 19h.
MNBA Neuquén
Calle Mitre y Santa Cruz, CP 8300 Patagonia, Neuquén, Argentina