Own Exhibition


Double Sollo Show A Better Landscape, Alan Sonfist and Maria Rebecca Ballestra, Gallery Unimediamodern (Genoa-Italy) curated by Antonio d'Avossa



Permanent Installation on the Certosa Island (Venice) in collaboration with ADAC (Archive of Contemporary Art of the University of Genoa and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Double Solo Show ,Maria Rebecca Ballestra - Filippo Centenari, WerkstattGalerie (Berlin – Germany) for Berlin  Art Week curated by Pascul Jordan

Double Solo Show  The Truth of Labyrinth by Maria Rebecca Ballestra - Julien Fridler - Gallery Spazio Testoni (Bologna – Italy)

Double Solo Show Maria Rebecca Ballestra – Julien Friedler, Palazzo Molin (Venice - Italy)




Double solo show Sapere-Sapore by Maria Rebecca Ballestra and Rachela Abbate, Museum Palazzo Borea d’Olmo (Sanremo – Italy)



Itinerary project Journey into Fragility, promoted by ADAC (Archive of Contemporary Art of the University of Genoa)Twelve stages around the world:

Meta-Architetture, Gallery Spazio Testoni (Bologna-Italy) curated by Paola Valenti

Journey into Fragility, Gallery 400mq (Ancona-Italy) curated by Federica Mariani



Solo Show at Goat Art Project curated by Sara Rees (Cardiff – Wales)

Double solo Show Ballestra Maria Rebecca/Andrea Francolino curated by Paola Valenti/ Alberto Mattia Martini, Gallery Spazio Testoni (Bologna-Italy)



Changing Perspective, series of solo exhibitions, installations  and site specific projects  curated by Paola Valenti in collaboration with Alessandra Piatti e Daniela Legotta (Genoa – Italy),  included:

Post Human Garden – Contemporary Art Museum Villa Croce

Eyes on Asia – Museum of the Cultures of the World

The Weight of the Human Being, Sala Dogana

The Future is near. The Future is now! UnimediaModern Gallery

There’s plenty of room at the botton, Genoa Port Center



The Future is near. The future is now! Galerie Alberta Pane  (Paris – France) curated by Luca Bochicchio



Kisses form China!, Phodar Biennale, Sofia, Bulgaria



Group Exhibition




Planetariu, Ca' dei Carraresi (Treviso – Italy) - curated by Manuela Enna and Daniel Buso

In Principio era la Terra, Forte di Gavi and Libarna archeological area - curated by Matteo Galbiati e Kevin McManus

Photography – Darren Almond, Maria Rebecca Ballestra, Matteo Basile, Giacomo Costa, Barbara Kechler, Mario Schifano, – Gallery Natoli Mascarenhas – Principality of Monaco




Impatto 2.0 Art Design Environment, Este (PD) promoted by S.E.S.A spa - curated by Elisa Celeghin e Ilaria Magni

Arteam Cup 2015 Officina delle Zattere – Venice

Visible City for Palinsesti 2015, a project by Giorgia Gastaldon Under the patronage of: Friuli Venezia Giulia, City of San Vito al Tagliamento, University of Udine, Ado Furlan Foundation, Casa Cavazzini, Gallery of Contemporary Art of Monfalcone, Fruili School of Mosaics

Macrocosmi, Old Postfuhramnt West (Berlin- Germany) curated by Pascual Jordan and Petra Dregger

Bologna Design Week, 5 minutes Free Zone , in collaboration with Lucia Palmero, Gallery Spazio Testoni (Bologna - Italy)

Biennial Italy – China, Mastio della Cittadella (Turin -Italy), ARCA (Vercelli – Italy), Medioeval Castel (Serralunga d'Alba – Italy), curated by EBLand

Suspended Spaces 2. Artists in dialogue with Cecilia Ravera Oneto’s art work, curated by Leo Lecci, Monica Saccomandi, Laura Valle. Exhibition Hall Piedmonte Region, (Turin – Italia)



La photographie, une seconde nature! -Ibn El Farouk, Maria Rebecca Ballestra,  Dalel Tangour,  Luis Moragon - Mamia Bretesche Gallery  (Paris – France)

Exhibition Cambridge Sustainable Residency, Norforlk Street Gallery (Cambridge – UK) curated by Marina Velez

Appearance Eco Arts Festival , S.E.A Gallery – Princetown (USA)



Video Projection of the video “Dialogue for Preservation” during the Swiss Annual Development Cooperation Conference "A fragile world – young people’s perspectives" - Lugano Congress Center (Switzerland)

Sea Art Festival by Busan Biennale, South Korea  project in collaboration with Rachela Abbate,

Invisible Cities – 12 artist for Calvino”, Accademia Ligustica (Genoa, Italy), organised by Foundation Mario Novaro

Video Festival Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh (Scotland)

5th edition of FIVAC, International Video Art Festival, in Camaguey, “The Next Resistance” section, (Cuba)

Marais Digital – Galerie Mamia Bretesche – Paris (France)

RicCAA International Biennial of Art and Design of Padova (Italy), ex macello, curated by Marisa Merlin

In-Naturale, Foundation Villa Margherita-Famiglia Teruzzi, Bordighera (IM) curated by Leo Lecci



Centenary Docks Dora, cultural event organized by SAL – Spazio AdLbitum for the celebrations of 100 years of Docks Dora 

Rolli Days, Tobia Pallavicino Palace (Genoa – Italy), courtesy UnimediaModern Gallery

Invisible Cities, 12 artists for Calvino, Museum Palazzo Borea D’Olmo (Sanremo- Italy) organised by Novaro Foundation

International Multimedia Art Festival in Yangon (Myanmar, Burma) organized by New Zero Art Space and the French Institute of Culture.



Al Ghaib Aesthetic of the Disappearance, Maraya Art Center (Sharjah – UAE)  curated by Gaia Serena Simionati

Al Ghaib Aesthetic of the Disappearance, Stux Gallery  (New York – USA)  curated by Gaia Serena Simionati

Nuit Blanche, Institute Français, (Paris – France and Oran – Alger) curated by Mamya Bretsche and Gaetan Pellan

Art Price Duchessa di Galliera, 2011 – 1956, Contemporary Art Museum Villa Croce (Genoa –Italy) curated by Anna Lercari




Nuit Blanche, Institute Français, (Paris – France and Oran – Alger) curated by Mamya Bretsche and Gaetan Pellan)

Docks en Ciel curated by Adrien Pasternak - Chic  Art Fair (La Cite’ de la Mode et du Design , Paris -France)

Sunday’s Screening Galerie Alberta Pane  (Paris - France)

MC² - Museum’s collections # 2, Contemporary Art Museum Villa Croce, curated by Francesca Serrati

Moscow Biennale “Qui Vive?” (Moscow – Russia) curated by Daria Pyrkina

Video Festival Video Appart (Paris – Dubai)

Mashrab – Maghrab Contemporary Art Exhibition selected by Bastakia Art Fair  -Heritage House Gallery - Dubaï  (U.A.E.)



Sowing Seeds Kaman Art Gallery (Jodhpur – India) curated by Nilesh Shidhpura

Phodar Biennial ’09 (Pevlen – Bulgaria) curated by Antoan Bozhinov

Intersection- Correlation(Berlin – Germany) curated by Brian Hackney Turn-Berlin Art Space

La Grande Abbuffata:  Scorie, Scarti, Sprechi. Risorse energetiche (Auditorium of the Museums of Strada Nuova - Genoa) curated by  Ko.Ji.Ku



Sculpture Quadrennial of Riga (Latvia), organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia  and Centre for Art Management and Information (MMIC)

21th Instants Video (Marseille – France) supported by The French Ministry of Culture, The Regional Council (PACA), The city of Marseille and the European Commission

Tracing love 24/7” Gallery  Magacine (Belgrade, Serbia) curated by DEVE

Urban Jealousy 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran (Istanbul Turkey) , curated by Amirali Ghasemi and Serhat Koksal

Kaléidoscope de la création émergente, (Paris-France, Strasbourg, Bordeaux) curated by Helene Mugnier and Adrien Pasternak

Video Appart  (Paris-France) curated by Mamia Bretesche

Arrivi e Partenze.Italia  at the Mole Vanvitelliana (Ancona-Italy) curated by Alberto Fiz and Walter Gasperoni.





Finalist of Arteam Prize  (Venice – Italy)



Award Honorable Mention by the Santo Fondation (USA) for the 2013 Artist Awards

Second Prize at the Busan Sea Art Festival by Busan Biennale (Busan - Korea)






Artist invited for the Artist Residence Program at FRAC Corse (France)



Artist Residence Program Verde River (Phoenix – Arizona) curated by Signal Fire USA

Artist Residence Program presso il WAW Art center (Saint Louis – Senegal)



Cambridge Sustainable Residency (collaborating artist), Cambridge School of Art and Angli Ruskin University (UK), curated by Marina Velez

First Caravan Brazil by Transnational Culture (San Paulo – Rio de Janeiro)



Artist Residence Program Rhod 2013 – Future Nature Culture Carmarthenshire (Wales) – curated by Sara Rees



Artist Residence “Creatives in Residence” Sunhoo Industrial Design Innovation Park (Fuyang, China)

Artist Residence Program at PROG KULTUR ZENTRUM (Bern – Switzerland) supported by KALART

Artist residence program XENIA (Pescara – Italy) supported by Cultural Association HUMANITAS

Artist residence Program at Abetenim Village (Ghana) supported by NKA Foundation

2011  Selected  for DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence: On Art, Cities and Regeneration
Lecce, (Italy), organized by RAMDOM


Selected for the International Artist Camp “Sowing Seeds” in Sar Village (Rajasthan – India)



Selected for the Artist Residence Program at CEAC Chinese European Art Center (Xiamen – China)

Selected for the 1st International Openart Residency, Eretria (Greece) organized by Cheap Art Gallery of Athens



Selected for the Artist Residence Program at Global Arts Village (Delhi India


Lectures and Symposium______________________________________________________________


A Better Landscape, a dilogue between Alan Sonfist (USA) and Maria Rebecca Ballestra – Gallery Unimediamodern (Genoa)

TransCultural Exchange's 2016 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts: Expanding Worlds.(Boston University)

Round Table: Collaborating with Arts and Cultural Organizations across the Disciplines of Science, Ecology and Politics will offer a forum for discussing collaborative art projects that raise awareness of the fragility of our environment - Chair: Maria Rebecca Ballestra



Network Ecologies Symposium – University of Hull - Scarborough Campus (UK)



Talk “Art and ecology” Small World Theatre (Cardigan – Wales – UK)



Lecture "Journey into Fragility", Maraya Art Center (Sharjah-UAE)

Lecture at PROG Zentrum (Bern-Switzerland)



Lecture "Paesaggi artistici per lo spazio Pubblico", Liberrima, Lecce (Italy), included in the program ART LAB (Dialogue on the Culture management);

Lecture "Post Human Garden", Contemporary Art Museum Villa Croce during the Genoa Science Festival (Genoa,Italy);

Coffee Hour at Castello d'Albertis Museum of the Cultures of the World (Genoa, Italy)



Lecture and Public presentation, Multimedia Department, Xiamen University (China);

Lecture, University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy);

Lecture and Public presentation, Museo di Palazzo Borea d’Olmo, Sanremo (Italy);



Lecture, Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti, Genoa (Italy);


2006 Lecture and Public presentation, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei (Taiwan);

Workshop and Performance with 100 students of MCAST Art and Design Institute of Mosta, (Malta)


Art Fairs



Arte Fiera (Bologna- Italy) courtesy by Spazio Testoni Gallery



Foto Fever – Carrousel du Louvre (Paris-France), courtesy Mamia Bretesche

Arte Fiera (Bologna- Italy) courtesy by Spazio Testoni Gallery



Arte Fiera (Bologna- Italy) courtesy by the Spazio Testoni Gallery



Photo Taipei , SunWorld Dinasty Hotel, Taipei (Taiwan), courtesy by  Grand Siecle  Gallery (Taiwan)

SH  Contemporary Fair (Shanghai, China) courtesy by  Galerie Alberta Pane

Swab Art  Fair ( Barcelona – Spain) courtesy by Galerie Alberta Pane



Slick Fair  (Paris- France) courtesy by Galerie Alberta Pane



Creek Art Fair (Dubai, UAE) courtesy by Art Show Gallery

Slick Fair  (Paris- France) courtesy by Galerie Alberta Pane

Mois de la Photo Off (Paris- France)



Digital and video art fair « Diva Fair” at Les Louvres des Antiquaires (Paris- France)



Public and Private Collection


Global Arts Village (Delhi, India)

Contemporary Museum Villa Croce (Genoa –Italy)

Taipei Artist Village (Taipei - Taiwan)

GAM Galley of Modern Art (Rome - Italy)

Gozo Contempoarary (Gozo – Malta)

Scuool San Carlo (Turin - Italy)

Galerie Alberta Pane (Paris – France)









P.Valentii Journey into Fragility, Allemandi, 2015

Texts of: Massimo Morasso, Luca Bochicchio, Thomas Kalau, Mamia Bretesche, Daniela Legotta, Luca Zordan, Fabio Carnaghi, Alessandra Piatti, Sara Rees, Stella Rouskova, Leo Lecci, Joachim Arndt, Rachela Abbate

P.Valenti, Changing Perspective, De Ferrari , 2012

128 pag. Texts of: Alberto Diaspro, Patrice Garnier, Daniela Legotta, Adrien Pasternak, Alessandra Piatti, Anna Viola Sborgi, Paola Valenti




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Reijinsha Co.Ltd. - Comitè National Monègasque, Monaco-Japon, Monaco 2008
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N2o Studio, Le Mois de la Photo, SNEL, Belgio 2008
F. Serrati, BAG Borsa Arte Giovane, Genoa 2007
A. Sethi, Art for Prabhat, Archana, Delhi 2007
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R. Amadei, I due rinascimenti, Biken International, Japan 2002
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D. Gandolfi, Apronia Marcellae le altre, 2010


School Education



High School Diploma



Graduated  at  Accademy of Fine Arts (Florence- Italy)









Ballestra Maria Rebecca

Born in Sanremo (IM) – Italy in 1974



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