Power of Fragility (global project)

Compass map 2

Power of Fragility is a participative public art project, consisting in digital mapping operations and started in the frame of Journey into Fragility. In Power of Fragility will be investigated forms of spaces in societies, in which transformation of identity and communication in the urban area take place, especially in times of  environmental crisis. The aim is to visualize and to make aware of conditions and to communicate alternatives regarding the position of the human being on the Earth. The limits between art, science and public realm will be permeable to grant a creative and intuitive process. Furthermore is tried to create possibilities of alternative communication and information systems. The investigation will be organized and visualized  with  IC-technologies. The project is structured in different strands, which commenced during the eleventh step of Journey into Fragility in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro with the participants of Caravan Brazil by Transnational Dialogues; the digital investigation will be launched during the upcoming Caravan China in June. Following strands are regarding the set up of a digital platform next to artistic outcome. Power of Fragility is  project by Rebecca Ballestra&Rachela Abbate for Journey into Fragility by Rebecca Ballestra and in collaboration with Andressa Vianna and Transnational Dialogues.