Second Prize Sea Art Festival – Korea

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The Sea Art Festival 2013 with the theme of With Songdo : Remembrance · Marks · People addresses what Songdo Beach and the Sea Art Festival have in common.


In the continuum of time where the forgotten past, changing present, and undetermined future coexist, the opening of the Sea Art Festival 2013 and where Songdo Beach, marking its 100th anniversary, stands in the moment of the present can also be conceived as the past progressing ceaselessly to greet the new future.


The Sea Art Festival 2013, exploring its original form, is more than an attempt to sustain its form of exhibition as an intangible asset of art in Busan. It is an undertaking of restoring the ardor of the local artists and their wills, and an effort to revitalize the spirit of the Sea Art Festival and its intrinsic value while raising cultural awareness of the local community and fostering social discourse.


At the coming Sea Art Festival 2013, 34 works of art from 11 countries are not the only ones expected to attract the eyes of the visitors. The Festival Events also will grab the visitors’ attention. The Sea Art Festival 2013 is being designed to provide a site of play and communication, where the exhibition visitors and the general public can both join and enjoy. The Festival Events, which will take place centered in the Central Fountain Square, can be based on three keywords: play, communication, and participation.


What is conveyed through the Sea Art Festival 2013 is the notion that the forgotten past (Remembrance), changing present (Marks), and undetermined future (People) are lined at the same starting point (with Songdo) in the hope to serve as a temporal and spatial media, and provide a platform for communications where the past, present and future meet.